N.A.T.O. Summer School. Protein Biosynthesis in Eukaryotes. Maratea (Gulf of Policastro), Italy, 7–17 September 1980. The purpose of this Summer School is to summarize the present understanding of the mechanism of protein biosynthesis in eukaryotes.

Lectures by the Faculty and Round Tables will provide for a fresh and thorough review of all relevant topics and issues in the field: structure of the ribosome, tRNA/protein interactions, initiation factors, current views on the mechanism of synthesis and processing of mRNA, translation and its cytoplasmic control, mechanism of action of interferon at the molecular level, specific inhibitors, virus-induced shut-off of protein biosynthesis. When appropriate, participants will be able to contribute posters.

will include Y. Aloni, N. Brot, M. Buckingham, J. Hershey, R. Jackson, R. Kaempfer, G. Koch, M. Kozak, P. Lengyel, J. Ofengand, R. Pérez-Bercoff, R. Perry, A. Shatkin, D. Vazquez and I. Wool.

will be limited to 70; and a number of N.A.T.O. Fellowships will be available.


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