A procedure is described for purifying the b, b and b proteins from leaves of cv. Xanthi-nc, a cultivar reacting hypersensitively to tobacco mosaic virus (TMV). All three proteins consist of a single polypeptide, have similar mol. wt. of about 14200 but differ in charge. In contrast, the b protein differs from b to b in both charge and size. The same procedure purifies the proteins IV, III and II from TMV-infected leaves of cv. Samsun NN. The Samsun NN proteins IV to II resemble the b to b proteins from Xanthi-nc in electrophoretic mobility in polyacrylamide gels and in mol. wt.; b, IV and III have similar amino acid compositions.

It is suggested that these proteins be called pathogenesis-related proteins (PRs) and a unified system of nomenclature is proposed which groups similar proteins.


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