Structural and virus-induced infected cell polypeptides of several strains of influenza B virus were examined by high resolution polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and shown to be directly analogous to those of the influenza A viruses. Eight structural polypeptides, P, P, P, HA, HA, NA, NP and M were observed in purified virus and at least two additional polypeptides, HA and NS could be detected in infected MDCK cells. The three P proteins plus NP were shown to be associated with RNA-dependent RNA polymerase activity and HA, HA, HA and NA were shown to be glycosylated. Like the influenza A viruses, migrational differences of some of the infected cell polypeptides could be observed between different B strains. Investigation of a time course of virus replication failed to show any temporal control of protein synthesis in the infected cell.


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