A comparison has been made of some of the biochemical and serological characteristics of five isolates of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV), serotype A. Three of the viruses have been assigned to the same subtype, A; the other two belong to different subtypes, A and A. RNA competition hybridization and two-dimensional electrophoresis of the oligonucleotides produced by ribonuclease T showed that the three A viruses formed a group which could be distinguished from the A and A viruses. However, the three A viruses showed some differences by both tests. Analysis of the virus polypeptides by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis methods also distinguished the A viruses as a group distinct from the A and A viruses, but small differences within the A group were observed using electrofocusing techniques. Serological differences were observed between the viruses using complement fixation tests and by competition radioimmunoassay with antisera obtained from guinea pigs infected with these viruses. The greatest similarity occurred between the viruses previously subtyped as A, with A and A being distinct from the A group and from each other. The relationship of the biochemical and serological data is discussed.


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