The indirect immunoferritin technique (IFT) that enables us to distinguish clearly whether an antibody reacts with a virus particle or only with the cell membrane, was used to study 25 cat sera and one rabbit anti-feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) serum using FL-74 cells as target. (1) All sera contained antibodies against FeLV even though 11 of the cats were viraemic at the same time; (2) from the effect of glutaraldehyde fixation of the FL-74 cells on the reaction with cat sera and the results of blocking experiments, it could be concluded that cat sera and rabbit anti-FeLV sera react partly with different antigenic specificities of FeLV, partly with the same antigens; and (3) the indirect membrane immunofluorescence test using FL-74 cells as target is not a good test to detect the presence of antibodies against feline oncornavirus-associated cell membrane antigen (FOCMA) because FL-74 cells produce a large quantity of FeLV and the fluorescence measured could be from antibodies against FeLV.


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