Purified preparations of heracleum latent virus (HLV), which has very flexuous filamentous particles of about 730 × 12 nm, contain a single sedimenting component with = 96 S, / = 1.50 and buoyant density in CsSO = 1.24 g/ml. The particles possess a single polypeptide, mol. wt. 23500, apparently lacking in tryptophan, and a single-stranded RNA of apparent mol. wt. 2.3 × 10 in nondenaturing conditions or 2.15 × 10 in denaturing conditions. The infectivity of the particles is sensitive to ribonuclease; this sensitivity is increased after exposure to EDTA, but is not decreased by addition of Mg or Ca. HLV thus closely resembles apple chlorotic leaf spot virus, to which it is serologically unrelated; it is regarded as a tentative member of the closterovirus group. Its cryptogram is R/1:2.3/(5):E/E:S/Ve/Ap.


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