Several virus-specified proteins of adenovirus type 2 (Ad2) and type 5 (Ad5) can be distinguished by their differential electrophoretic mobility in SDS-polyacrylamide gels. By comparing the physical maps of the genomes of interserotypic recombinants between mutants of these viruses with the pattern of proteins expressed, the physical locations of some genes can be determined on the adenovirus DNA molecule. The proteins of a total of 103 recombinants were analysed; 44 of these are of known DNA structure. Structural genes for the proteins analysed span the following loci on the conventional adenovirus map: V (30 to 43); III (43 to 44); II and 66K (55 to 57); 100K, 36K, 32K (69 to 71); IV (80 to 90).


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