The antigens of strain AD169 of human cytomegalovirus (CMV) were extracted by various methods and at different times following the appearance of cytopathic effects (c.p.e.) in infected fibroblasts. Assay with a pooled human serum in electro-immunodiffusion (EID) revealed that the most reactive preparations were obtained by shell-freeze (SF) extraction on the fourth day after 4 + c.p.e. As many as 20 antigens could be detected in the original gels, most of which were stable upon storage at 4 °C for up to 4 weeks; of these, about 14 can be reproducibly seen on photographs. EID runs on day 4 SF preparations from high-passage CMV strains C87 and Davis and low passage recent isolates VD14, 1694 and 1723 resolved, respectively, 15, 15, 13, 11 and 11 antigens in the original gels (11, 9, 11, 8 and 9 are visible in photographs). Strains 1694 and 1723 shared fewer antigens with one another and with high passage strains than were shared among the latter, whereas VD14 had relatively large numbers of antigens common to both low and high passage strains. At least six antigens were common to all strains.


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