RNA extracted from particles of five nepoviruses [raspberry ringspot (RRV), strawberry latent ringspot, tobacco ringspot (TRSV), tomato black ring (TBRV) and tomato ringspot viruses] was bound to oligo(dT)-cellulose in buffers of high ionic strength (HS) whereas RNA from particles of tobacco mosaic virus or tobacco rattle virus was not. This suggests that nepovirus RNA molecules contain polyadenylate [poly(A)]. At least 97% of the infective RNA molecules of TRSV and TBRV were bound in HS buffer and eluted in buffer of low ionic strength. The two species of genome RNA of RRV and TBRV were bound equally to oligo(dT)-cellulose, but the satellite RNA (RNA-3) of TBRV was bound less avidly and to a smaller extent than the genome RNA.

When H-borohydride-labelled TRSV RNA was digested with ribonucleases A + T1 about 29% of the radioactivity bound to oligo(dT)-cellulose, presumably as polyadenylate. Adenosine trialcohol was the only nucleoside trialcohol detected in alkali digests of borohydride-labelled RNA. Thus polyadenylate is probably located at the 3′-termini of the RNA molecules.


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