A set of four isogenic rat cell lines transformed by Ad2 HEY have been studied. While all of the cell lines synthesize SV40 T antigen, only one expresses adenovirus 2 T antigen: none expresses SV40 V antigen or adenovirus 2 fibre antigen. Three cell lines contain 1 to 2 virus equivalents of SV40 and adenoviral sequences per diploid quantity of rat cell DNA and the fourth line contains five copies of SV40 and 20 copies of the adenovirus genome. At least three of the cell lines contain DNA sequences from the helper adenovirus 2 in addition to sequences from the Ad HEY genome. The patterns of integrated virus sequences are complex suggesting multiple insertions of both adenovirus and SV40 DNA sequences. SV40 can be rescued from three cell lines by fusion with permissive cells.


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