The 20 to 25 nm particles of hepatitis B surface antigen were purified from the serum of a carrier chimpanzee. Five major polypeptide species were revealed by sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Treatment of the particles with neuraminidase (EC and galactose oxidase (EC followed by reduction with tritiated sodium borohydride labelled galactose residues in a single glycoprotein with an apparent mol. wt. of 28000. The glycoprotein was not labelled when neuraminidase treatment was omitted, indicating that the galactose residues are in subterminal positions in the oligosaccharide chains. There was no significant incorporation of radiolabel into lipid. The serological activity of the antigen, as measured by a competitive double-antibody radioimmunoprecipitation assay, was not altered by the labelling procedure nor by exposure to neuraminidase alone.


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