In infected mesophyll cells, the rod-shaped particles of hypochoeris mosaic virus were scattered throughout the cytoplasm, loosely aggregated in spherical cytoplasmic masses, present in regular arrays or associated with crystalline inclusions. The particles were 21.2 to 22.4 nm in diam. with a central canal approx. 5 nm in diam. Particles found in one membrane-bound aggregate were all 615 nm long. The crystalline inclusions (lattice spacing 9.8 nm) were membrane-enclosed, often rectangular in section and up to 2.3 × 1.5 µm; the associated virus particles were found occasionally within the crystals, but more often between the enclosing membrane and the periphery of crystals.

The virus showed some similarities in its intracellular occurrence to four morphologically similar but serologically unrelated viruses (wheat soil-borne mosaic, potato mop-top, broad bean necrosis and beet necrotic yellow vein) and to some strains of tobacco mosaic virus, observations supporting its possible membership of the tobamovirus group.


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