Cytochalasin D is thought to impair microfilament function. The present study has investigated its effects on four different systems in which interferon is formed, namely (1) mouse fibroblasts induced with virus (2) mouse spleen cells induced with virus, or (3) with endotoxin or (4) by allogeneic stimulation.

Cytochalasin D did not suppress formation of interferon by fibroblasts (L cells) or spleen cells stimulated with either HVJ or NDV. However it did suppress production of interferon by spleen cells in response to endotoxin or an allogeneic stimulation; here its action was apparently not on the secretion of interferon, but on some earlier event. It also suppressed the production of interferon by mouse spleen cells induced with HVJ if this had been u.v. irradiated for more than 15 min: this suggests that cytochalasin D sensitive structures do play some role in interferon production by mouse spleen cells when stimulated with HVJ, as well as when they are stimulated with endotoxin or an allogeneic stimulus.


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