The OK 10 virus complex was isolated from a liver tumour of a chicken which, as an embryo, had been inoculated intravenously with a field isolate of an avian leukosis virus. The OK 10 virus complex contains at least two viruses: the interference assay and serum neutralization test indicate that the helper virus belongs to subgroup A. One of the viruses, OK 10 V, induces distinct foci in chick embryo cells under agar overlay and cells from the foci form colonies in soft agar. These properties allow assay of the virus. Injection of virus or infected cells into chicks induces acute leukaemia but no local tumours. Another virus, OK 10 AV (associated virus), comprises about 99% of the OK 10 complex. This virus does not induce foci in chick embryo cells. In chickens it causes leukosis 17 months after injection. Electron micrographs of OK 10 virus stocks show typical C type virus particles. These particles have a density of 1.16 g/ml and contain 70S RNA which, after heat denaturation, releases type b RNA subunits. The OK 10 virus complex apparently represents a strain of acute leukaemia viruses.


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