Particles of cynosurus mottle virus (CyMV) purified from systemically infected oat leaves have a sedimentation coefficient of 113S, buoyant density of 1.399 g/ml in CsCl and 1.332 in CsSO, diffusion coefficient of 0.130 × 10 m/s and of 7.3. Virus particles are isometric with a diameter of 27 to 29 nm in negatively stained preparations; the hydrodynamic diameter was calculated from the as 32.8 nm. The particle mol. wt. was calculated as 6.86 × 10. CyMV particles contain 22.5% single-stranded RNA of mol. wt. approx. 1.5 × 10 and a molar nucleotide composition of: A, 24.2%; G, 24.3%; C, 26.2% and U, 25.3%; RNA purified by the phenol-SDS method was infectious. The melting profile of native CyMV-RNA was typical of a single stranded RNA with secondary structure; the hyperchromicity was 33% and the T 61 °C. The protein mol. wt. was 30500. The completed cryptogram for CyMV is R/1:1.5/22.5:S/S:S/Ve/Ap.

CyMV particles were degraded by 0.02 to 0.05% SDS at pH 7.0 into a component with a sedimentation coefficient of 83S and by 0.1% SDS into the RNA and protein constituents; virus dissociation was enhanced by EDTA and reduced by MgCl. At pH 5.0, the virus was not affected by SDS concentrations of up to 8%. The virus was unstable in EDTA and NaCl at pH 8.25.


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