The porcine kidney cell line PK-2a has been widely used for studies on Japanese B encephalitis virus, which has a consistently severe cytopathic effect on the cells (Inoue & Ogura, 1962). Whilst attempting to attenuate swine fever virus using this cell line, an avirulent strain of the virus was detected as a contaminant in normal uninoculated cells because it interfered with titration of swine fever virus by the END (exaltation of Newcastle disease virus) method. The END method, which was devised and designated by Kumagai (1961), is an technique for detecting and titrating non-cytopathic swine fever virus. The method is based on an enhancing effect of swine fever virus on Newcastle disease virus in swine-testicle-cell cultures. The present report described the evidence for the existence of the contaminant virus in PK-2a cells.

The porcine kidney cell lines PK-2a were obtained from four laboratories in Japan.


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