The rescue of Rous sarcoma virus in mixed cultures of virogenic Chinese hamster cells transformed by -RSV (RSCh cells) and chick fibroblasts treated with Sendai virus was studied. When the ratio of RSCh to chick fibroblasts was 1:64, or less, the amount of rescued Rous sarcoma virus decreased proportionately with the dilution of RSCh cells. Over this range treatment with Sendai virus increased rescue of Rous sarcoma virus 100 times as compared with untreated cell mixtures. About 600 RSCh cells were necessary for obtaining 1 f.f.u. of Rous sarcoma virus under these conditions. No infectious virus was found in tissue culture fluid or extracts from RSCh cells when both were incubated with chick embryo cells which afterwards underwent treatment with Sendai virus.

Using different conditions of incubation after treatment of cell mixtures with Sendai virus, a varying frequency of heterokaryon formation was obtained. There was good correlation between heterokaryon formation and rescue of Rous sarcoma virus measured in parallel cultures. The effect of Sendai virus on mixtures of chick embryo and RSCh cells under various conditions was examined by electron microscopy.


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