Unfractionated harvests of foot-and-mouth disease virus grown in baby hamster kidney cells fixed complement with both heterotypic and homotypic antisera but the freshly prepared intact virus (25 nm. component) from these harvests fixed complement only with the homotypic antiserum. Storage at 4° or heating at 37° released an antigen from the 25 nm. component which fixed complement with heterotypic serum. This antigen could also be prepared by mixing the 25 nm. component with baby hamster kidney cells but it was obtained in greatest yield by disrupting with guanidine. It had a sedimentation coefficient of 14 in sucrose gradients. Serum from hyperimmunized infected guinea pigs which had been absorbed with excess homotypic 25 nm. component fixed complement with the disrupted virus but not with intact virus. The disrupted virus also reacted with heterotypic antiserum produced by inoculation of guinea pigs with inactivated 25 nm. component, providing further evidence that the antigen is a structural component of the virus particle.


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