Certain normal fowl cells are agglutinated by extracts of chick choriallantois (CAM) infected with vaccinia virus (Nagler, 1942; Dekking & van Dillen, 1968). The haemagglutinating activity (HA) of the extracts is inhibited by rabbit anti-vaccinia serum (AVS) but not by preimmunization serum (NRS). Vaccinia HA is not essential to virus production: it is a particle separate from the virus (Burnet & Stone, 1946); and some strains of vaccinia neither produce HA nor elicit antibody to HA in rabbits (Cassel, 1957; Cassel & Fater, 1958). It has been reported also that HA production is host dependent; some vaccinia virus strains produce HA in rabbit dermis and CAM but not in calf dermis (Stone & Burnet, 1946).

Opportunity arose to examine calf dermis infected with the strain of vaccinia. Calf dermal pulp was collected 5 days after scarification. It was extracted three times successively with phosphate buffer, pH 7.4, = 0.05.


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