Virus-like particles have been observed in permanent cell lines derived from malignant mouse fibroblasts (L cells) and from baby hamster kidneys (BHK 21 cells). Dales & Howatson (1961), Kindig & Kirsten (1967) and Cromack (1968) reported virus-like particles of type C and type A in lines of cultured strain L mouse cells. Bernhard & Tournier (1964), McGee-Russell, Vizoso & Sanders (1965) and Compans (1966) described the presence of virus-like particles with a diameter of 85 to 120 nm. in baby hamster kidney cell lines (BHK 21 clone 13, and BHK 21-F).

In the present studies we observed virus-like particles in a cell line derived from calf kidney cell culture. The primary cultures of calf kidney were prepared 2½ years previously in a medium consisting of Earle's salt solution with 10% calf serum and 10% lactalbumin hydrolysate (but 5% in Hanks's salt solution) and with penicillin (100 u./ml.) and streptomycin (0.1 mg./ml.).


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