The cells of tumours induced in laboratory animals by the inoculation of DNA viruses contain antigens, termed tumour antigens, not present in normal cells (Huebner, 1967; Macpherson, 1967). These antigens are specific for the tumour-inducing virus, and have been described in tumour cells induced by polyoma virus (Habel, 1965), simian virus SV40 (Black 1963) and the oncogenic adenoviruses of human, simian, bovine, dog and mouse origin (Huebner, 1967). Sarma, Huebner & Lane (1965) reported the induction of tumours in newborn hamsters by chick embryo lethal orphan (CELO) virus. This preliminary report describes a tumour antigen specific for CELO virus.

The strain of CELO virus (Petek, Felloga & Zolletto, 1963) was used to inoculate the allantoic cavity of 7-day chick embryos. After 5 days' incubation at 36° the allantoic fluids were harvested, pooled and stored at -80°. This stock virus pool had a titre of 10 TCD 50/ml. in tissue cultures of chick kidney cells (Chomiak, Luginbuhl & Helmboldt, 1961).


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