Tobacco leaf discs were treated with different concentrations of actinomycin C, -parafluorphenylalanine, 8-azaguanine, chloramphenicol and puromycin-dihydrochloride before, simultaneously and after inoculation with tobacco mosaic virus. The treatment with low concentrations of antimetabolite simultaneously with tobacco mosaic virus inoculation stimulated the tobacco mosaic virus biosynthesis up to ninefold, whereas higher concentrations caused a ten- to 1000-fold inhibition. The stimulatory effect of pretreatment suggests the presence of a factor or factors with antiviral properties present in plant tissue becoming activated upon virus infection. The lack of an effect of treatment with antimetabolites ½ to 30 hr after inoculation indicates that activation of such factor(s) must occur within the first 30 min. after infection of tobacco leaf cells with tobacco mosaic virus.


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