Centrifugation of post-ribosomal supernatant fluids of brain homogenates at high speed for a prolonged period yielded a transparent pellet material. Resuspension of this pellet followed by centrifugation on a caesium chloride gradient resulted in a sharp band at a density of 1.34 g./cm.. The band material sedimented as a single peak of approximately 5 in the analytical ultracentrifuge and had scrapie activity. Although the position of the band and its value are similar in normal and scrapie-affected mice there was an increased incorporation of [H]thymidine and [C]uridine-diphosphoglucose into the gradient fractions immediately above and into the band at a density of 1.3 to 1.34 g./cm. in scrapie-affected mice. Chromatography of the resuspended post-ribosomal pellet on Sepharose 4B yielded two peaks. In scrapie-affected mice, incorporation experiments showed an area between the two peaks with increased incorporation of [H]thymidine, [C]uridine-diphospho-glucose and [C]glucosamine. Experiments on spleen homogenates yielded comparable results.


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