The European Group for Rapid Laboratory Viral Diagnosis held its first Symposium on Rapid Virus Diagnosis on 6 September 1977 in Amsterdam as part of the XVIth Symposium of the ‘European Association Against Virus Diseases’. The Symposium was divided into three sections: () rapid diagnosis by immunofluorescence, () rapid detection of virus by electron microscopy and other methods, and () rapid serological diagnosis by detection of specific IgM.

() In the first section on rapid virus diagnosis by immunofluorescence, respiratory viruses with special reference to influenza A and R.S. virus, herpesvirus hominis and cytomegalo-virus as genital infections, herpesvirus and varicella as skin lesions and herpesvirus hominis in encephalitis were considered.

A comparison of immunofluorescent techniques and conventional isolation methods was made for influenza A and R.S. virus in the context of the overall problem of these infections in both urban and rural communities.


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