A study using three inbred lines, Reaseheath C, HPRS-synthetic E and RPRL-7-2, was made to investigate the inter-relationship between the genes that regulate antigenic expression of the subgroup E endogenous virus and those that control susceptibility to infection with exogenous viruses of subgroups A, B and E.

It was found that the tumour virus () and group specific () antigen loci are linked, as indicated by the non-random association between the genes at the two loci. On the other hand, the genes at the other three loci, and , segregate and recombine at random in accordance with Mendel's second law. That and are two independently segregating loci, was also confirmed in this study. Furthermore, the evidence that the locus, while segregating independently of the locus, is linked with the locus upheld the hypothesis of its existence contrary to the views of other workers. This study suggests that the locus could be used as a marker for the detection of the locus in chicken lines that lack the gene. Also, it has been shown that the gene is not identical to the gene contrary to our earlier hypothesis.


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