The native and denatured 60 to 70S RNAs of two murine oncornaviruses and one simian oncornavirus were examined for their poly (A) content. In the native genome, a significant proportion of poly (A) RNA was found and intact 60 to 70S RNA complex was identified in this fraction. The amount of poly (A) RNA in the native genome was related to cellular growth and seemed to be independent of virus maturation. The subunits obtained after thermal denaturation consisted of approx. 2/3 poly (A) and 1/3 poly (A) RNA.

The poly (A) subunits were mainly composed of 20 to 28S RNA and the poly (A) subunits of 30 to 35S RNA. The results of competitive molecular hybridization of these two fractions with virus cDNA suggested that the two species of subunits possessed similar nucleotide sequences.


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