We have isolated 38 viruses capable of infecting . Twenty-eight of these isolates were DNA phages with a prolate cylindrical head and a long flexible tail. Each of them infected only one of the cell types, the swarmer cell, and many proved to be capable of establishing a lysogenic relationship with their host. Despite structural similarity and host cell specificity, the majority of these DNA phages appeared to be genetically distinct as shown by R1 restriction patterns of their DNA and by host range on phage resistant and lysogenic strains. Two isolates were small RNA phages, structurally similar to the RNA phages, which specifically adsorbed to pili on the swarmer cell. The remaining eight isolates were DNA phages with polyhedral heads ranging from 60 to 160 nm in diameter. Six had contractile tails ranging from 50 to 160 nm in length, while two had long flexible non-contractile tails. Each of these isolates was capable of attaching to all cell types and two were capable of mediating generalized transduction between strains of (Ely & Johnson, 1977).


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