Replication of the strain J 670/71 of enterovirus 70 (EV70) in non-primate cell cultures at 33 °C was studied using strain L (mouse), BHK21 (hamster), RK13 (rabbit), RK17 (rabbit), PK15 (porcine), IB-RS-2 (porcine), ESK (porcine), MDBK (bovine), and BK1 (primary bovine) together with that of the LSc, 2ab strain of poliovirus type 1 (PV1) as a control. All the cells tested adsorbed from 54 to 90% of EV70. The replication with complete c.p.e. was evident in RK13, RK17 and BK1 cells; replication without c.p.e. was shown in L, BHK21, IB-RS-2 and ESK; but PK15 and MDBK were non-permissive despite a high virus adsorption rate. On the contrary, none of these non-primate cells allowed the adsorption and growth of PV1. One-step growth of EV70 in RK13 was almost identical with that in the primate cells. Two other strains of EV70 were found having similar host range . Therefore, it is concluded that EV70 has a wider host range than ordinary human enteroviruses, and its implication is discussed.


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