, Number 1, 1977, 200 pp. Edited by A. P. Waterson. Published by Churchill Livingstone (Edinburgh). Price U.K. £9.75.

, 1976, 242 pp. By Sir Charles H. Stuart-Harris and Godfrey C. Schild. Published 2nd December by Edward Arnold (London). Price U.K. £12.00.

series. General editor G. C. Brander. First two titles: , 1977, 128 pp., 13 illus. By George C. Brander and Peter R. Ellis. Price U.K., limp cover £2.50. , 1977, 120 pp., 8 illus. By Sir Christopher Andrewes and John R. Walton. Price U.K., limp cover £2.50. Both published by Baillière Tindall (London) on 26 January 1977.

, 1977, 113 pp. Edited by C. Kaplan. Published in hardback by the Oxford University Press on 10 March 1977. Price U.K. £1.95. Published in paperback by Corgi Books on 25 March 1977. Price U. K. 75p.


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