A study, using the Rhode Island Red (RIR) strain of fowl maintained at Houghton Poultry Research Station, was made to investigate the genetic control of cellular response to infection with viruses of subgroups A and C. Family matings within the RIR strain and test-crosses between the RIR parents and White Leghorn (WL) parents of known genotype were set up to ascertain linkage between the tumour virus () and tumour virus () loci.

The results confirmed that in this RIR strain, the two loci, and , control the cellular response to viruses of subgroups A and C, respectively, as reported in other breeds of fowl (WL and New Hampshire). As in WL fowl, the two loci are linked. The linkage value of 0.22 in the male sex agreed well with that reported in the WL male sex, indicating that the two loci are located in the same sites in homologous chromosomes in the two breeds. However, in the RIR strain, no sex difference in crossing over between the two linked loci was found, contrary to that reported in WL fowl where the absence of crossing over between the two loci was observed in the heterogametic female sex.


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