Phenotypic expression of different genes controlling resistance to tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) in tomato was analysed in the protoplast system using otherwise isogenic breeding lines. Genes -2 and -2 were not expressed and did not prevent TMV-L, a common tomato strain of TMV, infecting and multiplying. By contrast, homozygous gene -1 was able to express its effect in protoplasts as well as in leaf discs; no virus progeny were detected by fluorescent antibody staining or by infectivity assay up to 3 days after inoculation with TMV-L. Protoplasts and leaf discs homozygous for -1, however, became infected with TMV-CH2, a tomato strain able to overcome the effects of -1 in intact plants.

Protoplasts from P. I. 128650, known to have a high level of resistance to TMV, were as readily infected with TMV-L, and synthesized progeny virus as rapidly as protoplasts from susceptible tomato. This genotype seems to have no resistance expressible in isolated protoplasts.


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