Three distinct particles were isolated from cell culture harvests of swine vesicular disease virus (SVDV) by sucrose and CsCl gradient centrifugation. Virions (148S), RNA-free empty capsids (81S), and a third particle (49S) also free of RNA showed immune reactivity with SVDV antiserum. The 81S and 49S particles had polypeptides typical of naturally occurring empty capsids. Injection of purified antigens into guinea pigs produced antisera which distinguished empty capsids from virions on immunodiffusion; the 49S antigen appeared similar to virions. Antisera produced to freshly prepared virus antigen grown in brains of baby mice distinguished SVDV from the serologically related Coxsackie B-5 virus but did not distinguish the individual S particle antigens. Partly purified virus preparations degraded to empty capsids when incubated in guinea pig serum. The possible origin of empty capsids and 49S particles and their relationship to antigenicity of virus preparations are discussed.


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