The segregation of resistant and susceptible phenotypes in response to infection by RSV(RAV 2), RSV(RAV 50) and RSV(RAV 0), of avian RNA tumour virus subgroups B, D and E, respectively, was analysed in several test-crosses using chickens from the RPRL line 7-2, HPRS-synthetic line E and the Rease-heath line C. The results were fully consistent with our view reported previously that the genes at the and loci segregate independently and recombine under the Mendelian second law of independent assortment. The dominant susceptibility gene is expressed phenotypically when associated with the dominant susceptibility gene, but its expression is suppressed when associated with two doses of the recessive resistance gene. Genetic causes such as lack of penetration, recessive epistasis, and/or complementary interaction between the and genes have been discussed to account for the modified phenotypic expression of cells, i.e. resistance to subgroup E virus.

Also, as reported previously, it was observed in this study that the genes control the cellular response to subgroup D virus.


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