The Xf phage coat protein associated with infected cells could not be removed by washing with antiserum and tris-EDTA buffer. Although the infected cells were consecutively washed 6 times with tris-EDTA buffer, the ratios of parental phage H-DNA to C-protein were not changed. A considerable amount of the parental C-protein and H-DNA in the original ratio were detected in the membrane and the soluble cytoplasmic fractions of infected cells. The studies of the change in Xf C-protein and H-DNA incorporation into the host cells and their release showed that DNA and protein penetrate together into the host cells during the first 60 min after infection (p.i.). While virtually all parental DNA was conserved, re-utilized and released from the infected cell 60 min p.i., no apparent release of parental protein was observed. Approx. 40% of the parental protein became degraded and could be washed from the infected cell after 90 min; the rest of the parental protein remained and probably was re-utilized by the host.


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