The effect of interferon on the replication of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) and type-C oncornavirus in two Balb/c mouse cell lines, JLS-V5 and JLS-V9R, infected with MuLV-R was examined. VSV replication was inhibited threefold (0·5 log) in both cell lines by 10 to 20 units of interferon/ml. In JLS-V5 cells C-type virus yields, as measured by H-uridine incorporation and reverse transcriptase activity, were also reduced three-fold by 10 to 20 units of interferon/ml. However, in JLS-V9R cells, C-type virus replication was refractory to interferon at concentrations up to 1 × 10 units/ml. Infectious C-type virus transmitted from JLS-V9R cells to Balb/3T3 cells was as sensitive to interferon as virus transmitted from JLS-V5 cells, indicating that resistance of C-type virus in JLS-V9R cells is a feature of the cells rather than of the virus strain.


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