Eleven temperature-sensitive mutants of herpes simplex virus type 2 strain 52 were examined for ability to induce DNA polymerase activity in BHK 21/C13 cells. All mutants induced DNA polymerase at a permissive temperature, (31 °C) and all DNA-positive mutants at a non-permissive temperature (38 °C). Three DNA-negative mutants induced no DNA polymerase ( 6, 9) or very little DNA polymerase ( 11), at a non-permissive temperature, while 1, also DNA negative, induced a little more DNA polymerase than wild-type, often at both temperatures. The DNA polymerase induced by 6 at 31 °C was temperature-sensitive , but only slightly so . These results were confirmed immunologically and suggest that HSV-2 codes for at least part of a DNA polymerase activity, necessary for infection, and that full expression of this enzyme involves at least three viral genes.


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