In addition to the four major polypeptides VP1 to VP4, foot-and-mouth disease virus particles contain two minor polypeptides, mol. wt. 40 × 10 (P40) and 52 × 10 (P52). Extensive purification procedures failed to remove these minor polypeptides from the virus particles. Polypeptide P40 co-electrophoresed in SDS-polyacrylamide gels with VP0, the probable precursor of VP2 and VP4 and was inaccessible to iodination . The second minor polypeptide, P52, co-electrophoresed with the virus infection associated (VIA) antigen found in large amounts in harvests of the virus grown in BHK 21 cells. Polypeptide P52 was shown to be located near the surface of the virus particle by iodination experiments and by its removal on incubating the particles with trypsin or chymotrypsin. Pactamycin mapping showed that this polypeptide was not a precursor of the structural polypeptides. About one copy of P52 and 4 copies of P40 were found in the virus particles sedimenting at 146S. However a larger number of copies was found in those virus particles sedimenting faster than the 146S peak.


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