Incubation of adenovirus type 2 infected cells at 42 °C resulted in an inhibition of assembly of virus particles although all the major viral structural polypeptides and virus-induced cellular polypeptides so far identified were detected by electrophoretic analysis. Selective high salt-acid-urea extraction of low mol. wt. polypeptides revealed the absence of protein VII at 42 °C whereas precursor polypeptide P-VII and core protein V were found. Pulse-chase and temperature shift experiments indicated that cleavage of P-VII into VII was a reversible thermosensitive process, requiring protein synthesis after shift-down to 37 °C. Virus particles assembled at 37 °C after transfer from 42 to 37 °C contained both viral DNA and polypeptides pre-labelled during the eclipse phase at 42 °C, including core protein VII.


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