Several investigators have shown that mouse sarcoma virus, strain (MSV-), induces foci of altered cells in tissue culture of mouse or rat cells (Hartley & Rowe, 1966; Fischinger, Messore & O'Connor, 1967; Ting, 1966; Bernard, Boiron & Lasneret, 1967). The focus-forming capacity of MSV- is now utilized for titrating the virus (Hartley & Rowe, 1966). Interferon has been proved to inhibit both the multiplication of oncogenic viruses and the cellular transformation induced by these viruses and . This inhibitory effect concerns DNA viruses such as polyoma or SV 40 (Atanasiu & Chany, 1960; Allison, 1961; Todaro & Baron, 1965) as well as RNA viruses such as Rous sarcoma virus (Strandström, Sandelin & Oker-Blom, 1962; Bader, 1962; Traub & Morgan, 1967) and murine leukaemia viruses (Gresser 1966). We report here the inhibitory action of preparations of interferon on the development of foci of altered mouse cells induced by MSV-.


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