Transformation of primary rat embryo cells by adenovirus types 12 and 2 has been reported by Freeman . (1967, ). The transformation of primary rat kidney cells by adenovirus type 12 has also been described by van der Noordaa (1968). In the latter study, foci of transformed cells were observed 14 days after inoculation with adenovirus type 12. The rapid transformation found in this system led us to investigate the effect of other adenoviruses on these cells.

Adenovirus types 1, 2 and 3 were isolated from faeces by cultivation in dipl id human embryonic lung (HEL) cells. HEL cells were also used for viral propagation and titration. The titres of the stock viruses were respectively 10, 10 and 10 TCD 50 per 0.1 ml. Typing of the adenoviruses was performed in HEL cells by neutralization tests employing guinea-pig sera prepared against the prototype strains.


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