Although the scrapie agent has for many years been considered a virus (Cuillé & Chelle, 1938; Eklund, Hadlow & Kennedy, 1963; Andrewes, 1964), recent work has emphasized the need for re-examining this classification (Pattison, 1965; Alper, Haig & Clarke, 1966; Pattison & Jones, 1967; Gibbons & Hunter, 1967). We thought it worth while, therefore, to determine the effect of interferon (Isaacs & Lindenmann, 1957) on scrapie, since previous experiments had demonstrated the efficacy of this antiviral factor in inhibiting the evolution of well-defined acute (Finter, 1964; Finter, 1967; Gresser 1968) and subacute (Gresser 1967; Gresser 1968) viral diseases of mice, and because, to the best of our knowledge, the action of interferon on the scrapie agent has not previously been examined.

S and Villejuif mice were from inbred colonies maintained at the Institut du Cancer.


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