The RNA obtained by heating turnip yellow mosaic virus at about 40° was found by Lyttleton & Matthews (1958) to sediment at 2 to 5 . Such RNA would almost certainly be extensively broken down and non-infectious, for there is much evidence that whole, infectious RNA from turnip yellow mosaic virus sediments at 28 (Haselkorn, 1962; Dunn & Hitchborn, 1966). However, Kaper & Steere (1959) found that the RNA obtained from turnip yellow mosaic virus by heating was, in fact, infectious, which suggests that degradation of the RNA is not intrinsic to the process of disruption of the virus by heat. The experiments we describe were made in an effort to obtain further information on this point. In particular, the effect of taking precautions to reduce ribonuclease action on the released RNA was examined.


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