An attempt was made to hybridize the chicken () male with Japanese quail () female in order to study the genetic susceptibility of hybrid embryos to avian RNA tumour viruses of subgroups, A, B, D and E. In the hybrids the results supported the prevailing concept that susceptibility is dominant over resistance regardless of the dominant trait contributed by either parent. It was also observed that the gene of the chicken was unable to suppress the ‘quail-coded’ susceptibility to subgroup E virus in the hybrid system, suggesting the lack of penetrance of the gene. Despite the fact that some hybrids were resistant to viruses of subgroups B and D, they were susceptible to subgroup E virus, which was not expected on the basis of the concept that subgroup B-resistant cells cannot be E-susceptible. Also, the hybrids were susceptible to E virus regardless of gs antigen expression and presence of the gene in the genome. This indicates that our earlier suggestion that the gene is another expression of the gs antigen-determining gene is inconsistent.


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