A local antiviral effect can be observed when (poly rI).(poly rC), bound to Visking discs by u.v. irradiation, is incubated with monolayers of human foreskin fibroblast cells. Radioactive labelling of cytosine residues in (poly rI).(poly rC) with I, has provided a much more sensitive method for determining the fate of the insoluble (poly rI).(poly rC) than has been available hitherto. The antiviral effect is not related to the amount of (poly rI).(poly rC) present on the insoluble support but rather to the amount of polynucleotide lost from the support during incubation. Treatment of (poly rI).(poly rC) which had been bound to cyanogen bromide-activated Sepharose with either dilute alkali or pancreatic ribonuclease released virtually all the polynucleotide. A small amount of (poly rI).(poly rC) is released from the insoluble matrix in the presence of serum-free Minimum Eagle's Medium.


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