Viruses isolated from fish with viral haemorrhagic septicaemia (VHS), infectious haematopoietic necrosis (IHN), spring viraemia of carp (SVC), swim-bladder inflammation (SBI) and pike fry disease (PFD) have been grown to high titre in fathead minnow cells. While our preparations of the IHN, SVC, SBI and PFD viruses showed typical rhabdovirus morphology with bullet-shaped particles and distinct surface projections, the VHS virus preparations had a less typical rhabdovirus morphology but were pleomorphic with a preponderance of flexuous rods. Using virus labelled with [H]-uridine, it was shown that each virus contained RNA which sedimented at 38 to 40 S and was hydrolysed by very low concentrations of ribonuclease. The viruses of SVC, PFD and SBI had a polypeptide composition similar to that of vesicular stomatitis virus, the prototype rhabdovirus, but the IHN and VHS viruses gave a pattern similar to that of rabies virus. In serum neutralization tests the SVC and SBI viruses were indistinguishable. VHS virus showed no serological relationship with the other four viruses but there was a low level of cross-reaction between the PFD, IHN and SVC-SBI viruses.


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