Phenotypic mutants of the wild type of 5267 were obtained from conidia exposed to ultraviolet light for 60 min (10% survival). Virus content of the wild type and of nine phenotypic mutants was determined by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Four mutants had no detectable virus F (PsV-F), whereas the other five had levels of PsV-F in the mycelium similar to the wild-type strain. All nine mutants and the wild type had comparable levels of virus S (PsV-S). Maximum virus levels occurred after 9 days of submerged culture in a 2% yeast extract-15% sucrose medium. Virus replication in the fungal host continued after protein, RNA and DNA synthesis levelled off. Virus levels ranged from 85 to 150 units (extinction units at 260 nm in 1 cm cell) per 4.7 to 5.3 g dry weight of mycelium for the mutant strains compared to 106 units per 4.2 g dry weight of the wild-type strain.


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