Lactic dehydrogenase virus (LDV) was purified from infectious ascites fluid of mice bearing Ehrlich tumours using Sepharose gel filtration and rate zonal and isopycnic sedimentation. In glycerol gradients, a sedimentation coefficient of about 200S and a buoyant density of 1.14 g/ml was determined for the virus particle. Spherical particles with diam. between 62 and 80 nm, depending on the method of fixation and staining, have been identified electron microscopically. The virus particle consists of a spherical nucleocapsid wrapped into a double-layered envelope. The nucleocapsids, isolated by treatment with NP40 and purified by centrifuging on sucrose gradients had a sedimentation coefficient of 176S. Electron micrographs show spherical particles with a diam. of 35 ± 4 nm. Classification of LDV as a member of the togaviridae family is discussed.


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