The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (formerly International Committee on Nomenclature of Viruses) has made decisions about family and generic names for viruses belonging to three families. Definitions and distinguishing features of these families and genera, as approved by International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses, have been published in ‘Intervirology’ (Fenner 1974). In order to disseminate this information widely and rapidly, a brief summary of the decisions follows.

Togaviridae. A family that includes all the viruses that were previously classified as and Arbovirus Group B (Wildy, 1971).

(Wildy, 1971).

(note spelling) = Arbovirus group B (Wildy, 1971).

Reoviridae. Non-enveloped spherical viruses with genomes consisting of several pieces of double-stranded RNA encapsidated within a single virus particle.

(Wildy, 1971).

(suggested by Borden 1971; for description of genus, see Fenner 1974).


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