The polypeptides of BSC1 cells infected with vaccinia virus and pulse labelled with [C]-protein hydrolysate or [S]-methionine have been examined by discontinuous polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis followed by autoradiography. About 80 virus induced polypeptides were detected, 30 appearing before and 50 after the onset of virus DNA synthesis. These were termed pre- and post-replicative polypeptides respectively. The synthesis of most pre-replicative polypeptides was turned off shortly after the peak of virus DNA synthesis; when virus DNA synthesis was inhibited this turn-off did not occur and post-replicative polypeptides were not made. The synthesis of some post-replicative polypeptides started at about the time of maximal DNA synthesis, reached a peak about 1 h later, and was then turned off. Other post-replicative polypeptides whose synthesis started at this time were made for prolonged periods. The synthesis of most post-replicative polypeptides started about 1 h after the time of maximal virus DNA synthesis and continued thereafter for prolonged periods. The stability of pre- and post-replicative polypeptides was examined in pulse-chase experiments; most pre-replicative and ‘early’ post-replicative polypeptides were stable for prolonged periods, whereas, during a chase, eleven ‘late’ post-replicative polypeptides disappeared and seven new polypeptides appeared.


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