An EMBO study course in Advanced Animal Virus Genetics and Molecular Virology will be held in the Institute of Virology, University of Glasgow, from 16 March to 4 April 1975 under the direction of Professor J. H. Subak-Sharpe. The intensive laboratory periods will be supplemented by 15 lectures as well as specialized discussion. In addition there will be 7 special guest lectures.

The Course will be particularly appropriate for research workers in the field with three or more years postgraduate research experience as the programme will cover more recently developed techniques used in the genetic and biochemical analysis of animal virus systems, for example, triparental cross recombinants, restriction enzyme fragment analysis, or application of enucleate cells in animals virology.

The fee is £90 excluding accommodation. The number of places is restricted to 16. Limited EMBO funds are available to help those applicants who could not otherwise attend.


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